Updated on 30 May, 2024

RateCity Leaderboards

Looking for the top-rated banking products on the market? Discover and compare Australia’s best ranked loans, bank accounts, savings accounts and more, as determined by our Real Time Ratings system.

Leaderboards are calculated using RateCity’s unique Real Time Ratings™ system

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Australia's most up-to-date product rankings

Every product is rated and ranked daily, to ensure you have the most accurate score to help you choose.

Real Time Ratings™ unique to Australia

The Real Time Ratings™ are based on important deciding factors such as costs (rates and fees), features and fexibility.

Tailored scoring

Products that best match your individual needs are ranked against each other, making them easier to compare and select. 

How do the leaderboards work?

We’ve built these leaderboards to help you quickly see what are the top banking products in each of the key categories.

Choose a suitable sub-category

What is the most appropriate sub-category for you? For example in home loans, you can choose between investment loans or owner occupier loans, variable or fxed loans, and more.

View the leaderboard

You can see which products are currently ranking at the top, and how their position has recently changed. Click through for more product details, or compare top products.

Choose a product category

What products would you like to see ranked? RateCity’s leaderboards cover home loans, personal loans, car loans, bank accounts, savings accounts and term deposits.